Welcome to the Women’s Contact Society

Mission Statement

The Women’s Contact Society exists to provide support and services to all women and girls that improves their quality of life and empowers them to change ideas, laws and situations that denies equality in Williams Lake and area.


Vision Statement

Empower women and girls in all areas of their life.


Value Statement

Women’s Contact Society’s values are: equality, leadership, fairness, respect, honesty, inclusiveness, accountability, dependability and trustworthiness.


Guiding Principles

  1. We believe women have the right to have control of their life.
  2. Welcomes women of all ages, abilities, sexual orientation, cultural, social, and economic backgrounds.
  3. “Our focus is on women. Our concern is for everyone.”

 Organizational Goals:

1.  Deliver and develop education, services and supports which promote the advancement of

women’s empowerment.

2.  Improve the Women’s Contact Society’s effectiveness in working towards equality for women


  • increasing public understanding of women and girl’s issues;
  • providing leadership in collaboration with community to ensure responsiveness to women and girls needs;
  • engage the community in action to improve women and girls safety.

 Strategic Goals – 2015:


  1. Governance Review:
  • Constitution and Bylaws
  • Board recruitment and attendance
  • Investigate accreditation options


  1. Data Management
  2. Review and update data collection system
  • Increase number of child care spaces
  • Increase services to vulnerable women
  • Increase awareness of violence against women and girls